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lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

Minutos Musicales: Ben Weaver

mucho se ha dicho y escrito de este compositor con lo que prefiero no ser yo el que se haga el listo dando lecciones.

Lo que sí puedo comentar es que os vais a encontrar a un cantante de Minnesota que transmite delicadeza y ternura en unas canciones tranquilas y con un claro tinte de Americana. Me encantaría verle en el Auditorio del Primavera Sound el año que viene... veremos a ver si alguien recoge el guante.

"Ben Weaver nos lleva hacia las raices contry-folk a através de la tecnología. Despliegue de organos, sintetizadores, violonchelos, trompetas, banjos y multitud de pequeños y sutiles efectos para conseguir un acercamiento al blues más amargo.

Entre sus influencias Steve Earle y como no, Tom Waits; su voz grave y profunda y el resultado, uno de los mas destacados discos del rock alternativa norteamericano junto al The Devastations."

"Country-rooted Americana full of weary determination and aphoristic clarity." Jon Pareles, NEW YORK TIMES

“Not the kind of thing to play on a sunny Sunday morning, but it may be the best thing for a spooky Saturday night. Weaver pulls it off... out on the edge.” Bill Flanagan, CBS Sunday Morning

"like a hillbilly Leonard Cohen." - Sylvie Simmons, MOJO

musical postcards that recall a rural Tom Waits, or Greg Brown in his dark, bluesy moments. Hes like that spooky old guy who lives in a trailer but tells amazing stories. - Kieth Goetzman, UTNE

"...his raw, art-damaged vocal screeds are riveting, invigorating, illuminating." - Jim Musser, NO DEPRESSION

"Weaver's voice - which makes Lee Marvin sound like Aled Jones - lends biblical portent to the most mundane detail. A one-man Brothers Grimm with no happy endings. Enjoy." - UNCUT"

Grupo: Ben Weaver
Disco: Paper Sky
Año: 2007
Web oficial: y
Canciones destacadas: Plastic Bag, In November, Like a Vine After the Sun, Sorrow y Whatever You Want to Haunt You

lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2007

Minutos Musicales: The Fugitives

no hay nada mejor que un grupo sepa definirse a sí mismo, y esto es lo que han hecho en su página web.

Destaco únicamente una frase que se adjunta en su myspace en el apartado "Suena como". Aquí está su respuesta: "Patti Smith spends all night singing Dylan and regrets it in the morning. Literate folk and plenty of jumping."

“Accompanying themselves on various combinations of banjo, guitar, melodica and percussion, The Fugitives are capable of achieving dizzying, Arcade Fire-ish crescendos, replete with parallel melodies, complex harmonies and brimming torrents of emotion.” – Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg

“One of the best events we’ve ever had…right up there with Allen Ginsberg and Ken Kesey” – Executive Director, Dylan Thomas Festival (UK)

The Fugitives, a combination of multi-talented Vancouver artists Mark Berube, Barbara Adler, and Brendan McLeod, have been classified under many guises: slam folk, folk hop, spoken word cabaret. Yet a common throughline is always their remarkable storytelling abilities. That, and the fact that audiences all over the world have never seen anything like this blend of skilful musicianship and passionate performance poetry.

Since their formation three years ago, The Fugitives have been everywhere, touring Europe four times and Canada twice. In that time they have gone from performing in old bank vaults in London to university classes in Germany to recent main stage appearances on the Canadian folk festival circuit. In the past year alone, they have sold out headlining shows at festivals as diverse as the Vienna Literary Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, the Vancouver Jazz Festival, and the Chutzpah Dance Festival. Their live shows, where they are accompanied by versatile instrumentalist Steven Charles, have been critically acclaimed for their passion and poignancy. As the CBC puts it, “whether you go for the poetry, the music, or both, this show is simply brilliant.”

There is no place The Fugitives haven’t played, and the maturity shows on their newest release, In Streetlight Communion. Distributed by Festival and featuring collaborations with members of The Be Good Tanyas, Po’ Girl, TOFU, and The Breakmen, the album carefully straddles musical and poetic worlds, delivering insightful lyrics and passionate harmonies over home hitting riffs. It is a new kind of music, one the Vancouver Province praises by saying, “fences are being broken down here.”

The Fugitives are not a political band, per say. They don’t offer up trite slogans or ubiquitous aphorisms or overtly rail against the government. What they do offer us, in a time when meaningless abounds, when billboards scream absurdities and our radio stammers out the same old cliches, is a change. They confront us with a land where lyrics and instruments co-exist on the same plain, where content and form are equally important to an aesthetic message. Music like this forces us to listen with both our head and our heart, and in times such as these, it is a cause for celebration.

"I can see why they're jumping off the tables for you!" Sheryl McKay, North by Northwest CBC.

"The Fugitives are one of the most innovative, exciting, and accomplished groups of musicians and poets I have ever seen…the best show in fifteen years of the festival" - Off the Shelf Festival, Sheffield (UK)

"With superior instrumentation and creative lyrics, they are a band that demands your attention and leaves you begging for more" - Meredith Hambrock, Ubyssey, Vancouver

"Welcome to the land where lyrics and instruments are equals…you will absolutely love this band" - Satellite, Vancouver
"Poetry doesn't get much further from the library shelf than this" - Georgia Straight, Vancouver
"An experience certain to please both literary and musical audiences" - Vienna Literature Festival, Austria
"They are a show you absolutely cannot afford to miss!" - Drek Daa, Founder & Chair, Spoken Word Canada

"The Fugitives are a Sasquatch Marching band walking high wire across the Grand Canyon. At first glance, you expect it to all come crashing down, but upon closer inspection you notice they're flying, and scrutinizing even further, you realize you're floating too." - Randy Jacobs, Artistic Director, 2005 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word"

Grupo: The Fugitives
Disco: In Streetlight Communion
Año: 2007
Web oficial:
Canciones destacadas: Shiny Plastic Bags y The Night She Stole The Moon